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dozzie's code

Initial page rolled out

An initial version of code home page is on the wild. Beware!

Welcome to the page dedicated to tools written by dozzie.

Most (all?) of these tools are written with system administrator's tasks in mind, so they address specific needs encountered by sysadmin (by me, in this case).


All the projects can be found here:

They are managed in git version control system, so you'll need to learn it a bit if you want to access the code. No tarballs with code are provided, at least for now.

Quick build

Many of the tools (especially recently) are prepared to make a package (DEB and RPM).

  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone
  2. Install tools for building packages
    • for Debian: packages dpkg-dev, fakeroot, build-essential
    • for Red Hat/CentOS: packages make, rpm-build

And possibly compilers (gcc, g++).

  1. Build a package:
    • for Debian:
      dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc
    • for Red Hat/CentOS:
      make srpm
      rpmbuild -bb --rebuild *.src.rpm

Tools descriptions

  • cfgen.git
  • cronbuilder.git
  • flowmon.git
  • munc.git
  • rsync-ssl.git
  • sftponly.git
  • time-shifter.git
  • vzstats.git
  • xmlrpcd.git

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