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09:00 Ticket #15 (ordered change list in output) created by dozzie
Cronbuilder could print list of added/changed/removed files in lexical …
08:58 Ticket #14 (write some documentation) created by dozzie
I should write some documentation on xmlrpcd and xmlrpcaller, …


17:42 Ticket #1 (xmlrpcaller: take $chunk hosts at a time) closed by dozzie
fixed: Not the whole xmlrpcaller, just the subprocess workers management. Done …


18:10 Ticket #11 (xmlrpcaller should be able to load remote procedure parameters from YAML ...) closed by dozzie
fixed: This was easy one.
13:52 Ticket #10 (pass authenticated user name to methods) closed by dozzie
fixed: Done. Administrator needs to define {{{our $RPC_PARAMS = ["user", …
13:02 Ticket #9 (methods should be able to specify UID for execution) closed by dozzie
fixed: Done. Methods can specify UID (and GID optionally) (both as names or IDs) …


19:34 Ticket #13 (support for migration from one SRC to another) created by dozzie
cronbuilder needs a support for moving from one SRC repository to another, …
13:59 Ticket #3 (own SSL certificates) closed by dozzie
fixed: Support added for both types of repositories.
11:51 Ticket #5 (Perl "undefined variable" warnings when no earlier build was performed) closed by dozzie
fixed: It seems that a bit of refactoring (for #7) resolved the issue.
11:48 Ticket #4 (some SVN versions don't handle --non-interactive in some commands) closed by dozzie
fixed: Actually, removed troublesome option from appropriate commands. I hope …
00:15 Ticket #6 (`sudo -u cfgen cronbuilder` fails to read /root/.subversion) closed by dozzie
fixed: Fixed.
00:15 Ticket #12 (newer SVN clients refuse to store credentials in plain text) closed by dozzie
fixed: Done. Appropriate .../servers file is created while building working …
00:13 Ticket #8 (skipping [cronbuilder] commit messages) closed by dozzie
fixed: Added this and a bit more: in build.ignore_commits one can specify …
00:12 Ticket #7 (multiple cronbuilder instances for a single DEST repository) closed by dozzie
fixed: Possibility added. One needs to define build.prefix variable, that …
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