2011-10-26 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated changelogs. master v0.7
2011-10-26 Stanislaw Klekot[#15] Added sorting filenames in SVN status.
2011-10-26 Stanislaw Klekot[#13] Added option helping with SRC repo migration.
2011-10-23 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated changelogs. v0.6
2011-10-23 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated manual with ssl_ca config option description.
2011-09-02 Stanislaw Klekot[#3] Added own SSL certificate support.
2011-09-02 Stanislaw KlekotFixed handling `svn status' for SVN 1.6+ (space number...
2011-09-02 Stanislaw Klekot[#4]: Fixed handling SVN 1.4 (not all commands support...
2011-09-02 Stanislaw KlekotAdded build.ignore_commits option.
2011-09-02 Stanislaw Klekot[#7]: Enabled cronbuilder to save in DEST repo in multi...
2011-09-02 Stanislaw Klekot[#8]: Added skipping [cronbuilder] messages.
2011-09-02 Stanislaw Klekot[#12]: Fixed storing credentials for newer SVN clients.
2011-09-02 Stanislaw Klekot[#6]: Added --config-dir to Cron::Builder::Repo::svn...
2011-07-06 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated changelogs. v0.5
2011-07-06 Stanislaw KlekotAdded printing cronbuilder's PID to lock file.
2011-07-06 Stanislaw KlekotAdded locking to cronbuilder.
2011-04-06 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated changelogs. v0.4
2011-04-06 Stanislaw KlekotAdded manual (perldoc) to cronbuilder.
2011-04-06 Stanislaw KlekotAdded removing empty directories from destination repos...
2011-04-06 Stanislaw KlekotAdded to commit and STDOUT messages short source summary.
2011-03-31 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated Cron::Builder::Repo->commit() to accept additio...
2011-03-31 Stanislaw KlekotAdded new way of calling Cron::Builder::Repo->log(...
2011-03-25 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated changelogs. v0.3
2011-03-25 Stanislaw KlekotRedhatized sources.
2011-03-25 Stanislaw KlekotAdded command line options to cronbuilder.
2011-03-15 Stanislaw KlekotSVN engine: commit() returns shorter names (paths in...
2011-03-15 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated changelogs. v0.2
2011-03-15 Stanislaw KlekotFixed handling situation when no files were saved in...
2011-03-15 Stanislaw KlekotFixed git engine (revert() method).
2011-03-15 Stanislaw KlekotAdded --config-dir and --non-interactive to some svn...
2011-03-14 Stanislaw KlekotDebianized sources. v0.1
2011-03-14 Stanislaw KlekotAdded makefile for building and installing cronbuilder.
2011-03-14 Stanislaw Klekotcronbuilder didn't detect correctly failed builds.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded revision numbers in message printed as informatio...
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded rationale why `git reset' is OK for repo updates.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotThis one variable is not necessary anymore.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotWhen engine constructor fails, Cron::Builder::Repo...
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotFixed problem with not cloning git repository.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotChanged cronbuilder output a bit.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotFixed detection in git engine which files were affected.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotFixed commit failure in git engine.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotChanged determining if the build should be done.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded generic constructor of Cron::Builder::Repo.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotFixed git engine (password saving).
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotChanged engine constructors to use all the options...
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotPassed in cronbuilder appropriate config sections as...
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotChanged two internal variables in git and svn.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated Cron::Builder::Repo::git.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotMoved methods independent of VCS out to Cron::Builder...
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded documentation to Cron::Builder::Repo.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotReorganized cronbuilder a bit.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded returning some data from update() in svn.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded aggregating output in svn commit().
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotAdded revert() method to svn.
2011-03-11 Stanislaw KlekotUnified die().
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded real code that actually builds something.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotFixed minor warnings in svn.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotUpdated documentation in Cron::Builder.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded some comments and documentation.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotFilled commit() method for svn. Changed build_message...
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded methods to svn: log(), build_message(), build_rev...
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded revision() method to svn.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotEnsured that all spawned commands are running in C...
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded `svn update'.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotFilled constructor a bit and added commit() method...
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotChanged way of returning messages from spawn() function.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded forgotten wait() call.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotConstructor for base class is useless here.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded toolbox with common functions.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotMoved Cron::Builder repo modules to Cron::Builder:...
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded libraries for accessing repositories.
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotAdded sample environment (with config).
2011-03-10 Stanislaw KlekotInit.